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Why we are the best! 😉

Specialising in the CUTEST frayed bandanas since 2019!

You could definitely say frayed bandanas are our strong suit. The truth is most companies don't sell frayed bandanas because they are time consuming and take twice as long as non-frayed bandanas. We've been perfecting the frayed bandana for almost 3 years and we guarantee you and your pups will love them.

We use 100% ethically sourced genuine leather tags on all our bandanas.

Sick of boring paper tags that fall off over time? Me too! that's why all our bandanas are tagged with 100% real leather tags!

Handmade in Australia just for your pup.

Looking for the perfect handmade bandanas? We've got you covered. Every bandana you buy is handmade by yours truly just for you!!

All natural & Licksafe paw balm! 🐾

Yes you heard correctly!! No more worring your dog is going to get sick from licking off his paw balm! We don't have any nasties in our paw balm, no added colours, flavours etc.

Sustainable packaging!

No plastic mailers over here! We only ship out our parcels in compostable mailers, or cardboard boxes. Did you know plastics can take up to 500 years to decompose???

Offering returns and exchanges!

Not satisfied with your order?? no worries we make returns and exchanges super simple, all you've gotta do is send us an email! naughty.pawsbandanas@gmail.com

Bandanas for every occasion.... no literally!

Whether its your pups birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentines day or Howloween we've got the perfect bandana just for you!


Treat your fur babies to some of our best selling products!

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Pet Care, Its Necessary!

Why Paw Balm Is SO Important!

Your pets spend all day walking around on their paws! Over time they tend to become dry, or even cracked. Our paw balm helps to soothe dry paws and reduce cracking to keep your pets paws smooth and healthy!

Buy Now!

Smooth, and Healthy! As they should be.

Results Don't Lie!

How Amazing do Chilli's paws look? This is why Paw Balm is Necessary in every Paw-drobe! 👏

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Shop Frayed!!

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More Bandanas! ✨

END BSL Collection x Major The RedNose


Shop 4 gorgeous new bandanas whilst supporting a great cause! A portion of profits is donated to SABBR.

END BSL Collection



7 "Masculine" themed bandanas, how do you choose?

Shop The Retro Collection


Restocking soon

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