Please ensure you measure your dogs neck before buying. Be sure to measure your dogs neck where the bandana is going to sit i.e at the top, middle or base of the neck, please also be sure to account for your dogs fur before picking a size.


XXS 10-12"inches 

recommended for most teacup or toy breeds, small kittens or puppies and other XS-XXS breeds

XS 13-14" inches 

recommended for cats, chihuahuas, dachshunds, italian greyhounds, and other  XS breeds

S 15-17" inches 

recommended for cavoodles, toy poodles, chihuahuas, dachshunds, whippets, pugs and other XS-S breeds

M 18-20" inches 

recommended for kelpies, dalmatians, whippets, border collies, labradoodles, french bulldogs and other S-M sized breeds 

L 21-22" inches

recommended for border collies, koolies, kelpies, GSD, golden retrievers, dalmatians, huskies, australian shepards, labradoodles, dobermans and other M-L  breeds

XL 23-25" inches 

recommended for GSD, golden retrievers, alaskan malamutes, American Staffordshire terrier, bull arab, mastiff, Rhodesian ridgeback, Rottweilers, huskies, english bulldogs, great dane and other L-XL dog breeds

All measurements listed above are LENGTH of the bandana not circumference. Since all our bandanas are handmade sizing may vary.

Don't see your pups size? or if your after a custom size send us a message through instagram @naughty_pawsbandanas or email us at and we are happy to arrange something for you 





XS width-25mm length- 20cm- 25cm/ 8-10 inches 

S width- 25mm length- 32cm- 45cm/ 13- 18 inches 

M width- 25mm length- 38cm- 56cm/ 15-22 inches

L width- 25mm length- 48cm- 78cm/ 19-32 inches


S- 3ft/ 90cm/ 0.9m

M- 5ft/ 150cm/ 1.5m




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