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Naughty paws AU

Push Up Paw Balm 60mL

Push Up Paw Balm 60mL

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Does your pup have dry, cracked paws? our paw balm helps soothe your pups feet and keep them healthy & smooth. Our balm is 100% natural and lick safe. and is super easy to apply with the push up tube. 60mL


bees wax, shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil 


100% genuine leather tags on all Bandanas, collars, leads and dog coats.

Most of our bandanas use a cotton blend or poly viscose, if you would like to know exactly what material a specific bandana uses please email us at

Sizing and measurements

Bandana LENGTH!

XXS 10-12" inches

XS 13-15" inches 

S 16-18" inches 

M 19-21" inches 

L 22-23" inches

XL 24-26" inches 

Please note, since our bandanas are handmade there may be slight size variation in your bandanas, this is usually only minute and won't affect your sizing.


XXS - recommended for dogs with a neck size of 20-25cm or about 10" inches. recommended breeds include, chihuahuas, toy breed puppies and small cats and other XXS dog breeds.

XS - recommended for dogs with a neck size of 25-30cm or about 12' inches. recommended breeds include, Toy poodles, Pomeranians, Mini Dachshunds, Jack Russells, Yorkies, Cavaliers and other XS-S dog breeds.

S - recommended for dogs with a neck size of 30-35cm or about 14" inches. recommended breeds include, Whippets, Standard Dachshund, Shiba-inu, Miniature Poodles, Pomeranians, most puppies and other XS-S breeds.

M - recommended for dogs with a neck size of 40-45cm or about 17" inches. recommended breeds include, most Border collies, Greyhounds, Kelpies, Cocker Spainel, Mini Aussie, Labradors, English staffy, husky, keeshond, ACD, and other M breeds.

L - recommended for dogs with a neck size of 50-55cm or about 20" inches. recommended breeds include, Australian shepherds, German shepherds, Labradors, golden retrievers, GSP, English staffy, English bulldog, American staffy, American bulldog, doberman, husky, Chow chow, and other L dog breeds.

XL - recommended for dogs with a neck size of 55-60cm or about 22" inches. recommended breeds include, English bulldog, German shepherd, malamute, Meremma, dogue de Bordeaux, English mastiff, Rhodesian ridgeback, great pyranees, golden retrievers and other L-XL dog breeds.

If unsure on your dogs size or don't see your pups size?? send us an email at - we are always happy to help.



XS width-25mm length- 20cm- 25cm/ 8-10 inches 

S width- 25mm length- 32cm- 45cm/ 13- 18 inches 

M width- 25mm length- 38cm- 56cm/ 15-22 inches

L width- 25mm length- 48cm- 78cm/ 19-32 inches


S- 3ft/ 90cm/ 0.9m

M- 5ft/ 150cm/ 1.5m

For information on dog coat sizing please refer to our size guide.

Shipping & Returns

We ship all our parcels via Aus post directly to your address, our standard shipping typically takes 1-2 weeks after shipment, express post usually takes about 1 week.

Not happy with your order, no problem send us an email at

Care Instructions


Although our bandanas are very durable they are not intended for rough wear, to ensure your pups accessories are looking their best please follow the following guidelines,

1. Spot clean with cold water only

2. Avoid wetting our leather tags unless necessary to prevent bleeding.

3. Iron on medium-low heat to get rid of any wrinkles that may occur.

Please ALWAYS monitor your pets while they are wearing their NP accessories to prevent your pooch from eating them, trust us its wayyyy more common than you'd think. ;)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Paw balm is amazing

My dog had really sore pads after going to the beach every day for a week (she’s not a beach dog) and I got the paw balm and she felt much better- her dry pads were moisturised and feeling less tender and cracking. Happy puppy!!!❣️

Sally Hurley
Pour time management and stock control

Waited almost 3 weeks for parcel to get dispatched and then got my order to find out you didn’t have what I ordered in stock so instead of telling me I got 2 other bandannas that will never be used

Hi Sally!

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused! Please keep in mind all our products are handmade and made to order due to this our turnaround time is between 2-14 business days as mentioned on the website. Since our products are made to order, occasionally bandanas can be out of stock as what happened with your order.

We apologise that one of your bandanas was out of stock! If you are unhappy with the rest of the order you're more than welcome to return them no questions asked for a full refund.

Have a lovely. day & Kind regards,
Jen from NP

Absolutely amazing

We brought the paw balm due to Maisy (five month old puppy) having extremely crusty paws. She also hated her feet being touched. The paw balm is easy to use, perfect to slip into a little bag incase you need it and mess free!!! We have used it twice daily since getting it, and now only use it once a day and her paws are so soft and hydrated. The sink and hair around them stays refreshed. I also am very sensitive to smell, and this doesn’t set me off at all. Highly Highly recommend!! Such a great product!


All natural, easy to apply & leaves my pups paws hydrated and smooth. Have used it so much it’s almost time for a refill.

Collette Thomas
Paw balm ❤️

This balm palm is great it’s helped his paws so much he is even happy for me to apply it (he thinks it’s a treat to eat 🤦🏼‍♀️) I started to see a improvement in a short amount of time.